Twice Around the Clock
at Daytona

Day One

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Bill Auberlin

Lyn St. James

Max Papis

Bill Auberlin
#10 BMW

Lyn St. James
#95 Kudzu

Max Papis
#3 Ferrari

Julian Bailey

Scott Pruett

Wayne Taylor

Julian Bailey
Lister Storm

Scott Pruett

Wayne Taylor
#33 Ferrari

#09 Daytona Mitsubishi Eclipse

#58 Porsche

27 Mazda

On the grid: #09
Daytona Mitsubishi

#58 Porsche

Was Greg Moore at
Daytona or just his


Didier Theys

Ferrari driver change

Some fans had quite a
setup...Most would stay
for the NASCAR race

Didier Theys waits at
dusk for the #30
Ferrari.  That's his seat
insert on his head, not
some mutant helmet.

And the change...
I think it's Luyendyk
getting out

Panoz at dusk

#00 Porsche GT-1

#01 Porsche EVO

The #99 Panoz brakes
glow in the twilight.
They would lead overall
before succumbing to
mechanical problems.

Around 11 PM.  The
#00 Porsche GT-1
brakes glow passing 
pit out.

As do those of the sister
car, the #01 Porsche
EVO version.

#63 Mazda PD Cunningahm Auberlen out, PD in

The #63 Mazda lit
up the track every time

PD Cunningham directs
the #10 BMW to the

Auberlen out, PD in

#8 being worked on

Boris Said

4am pitstop

#8 being worked on
behind the wall

Late nite/early AM
Boris waits for PD

Even at 4AM, the pit
stops go smoothly

Day Two

Many thanks to Peter Cunningham.  Without his invaluable assistance
I would never have gotten these photos.

All photos and text © 1998 G. Kapusnick
All rights reserved