Lime Rock '97

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Reno '97

P.D. Cunningham in the pits during qualifying.

The realtime Acura teammates, Galati (44) and Kleinubing
(43) battle the Saturn team during qualifying.  Pierre
Kleinubing won the T2 championship.

#31 having problems early on.

 Peter Cunningham moving up from 4th to 2nd in one fell
swoop.  Being passed are #26-Grahovic and #4-Fellows.
Cunningham finished 2nd and won the T1 championship.

Other members of the Realtime team did not fare as well as P.D.
#44- Mike Galati and #46- Jim Lovett both sustained damage
in seperate incidents.

#6 Walt Puckett having a "moment".

I spent some time hanging out with the
folks from Last Minute Racing.  Now I do their
website and am the team photographer.

A Championship sweep for Realtime Racing at Reno.

Another driver I met at Reno, Dino Hamilton

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