Pics from my trip to Long Island Bahamas July 2003.  I went to look at properties at Stella Maris Resort, and then went around with a local realtor.  I ended up buying a waterfront lot just north of Deals Beach.  These photos were taken with a Nikon D1-X with a Sigma Fisheye and a Tokina 28-300 lens.  The island was stunningly beautiful, and basically deserted.  I was certainly not there in prime tourist season, but it was almost unnerving how alone I was in all the stunning spots I visited.   The resort was wonderful and they treat their guests like royalty.  I was just sorry they had no lots that were right for me.   I can't wait to return and start building a little deck and dock, then a cottage. 

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757 to Nassau


Bahamasair Dash-8, SML airport

I was seated on the bulkhead facing backwards.

Dash-8 at Stella Maris

SML Airport

SML Airport

SML Airport

Baggage Claim
Dupe Photo
My room

My room

Pool 1

Pool 2


Saltwater pool

View from pool deck

6" wingspan moth in my room

I thought it was a bat at first

Hotel bar

Deals Beach, looking north

Deals Beach, looking south

only my footprints, it was deserted

little fish

the water is so clear

section of beach made of all tiny shells

Huge starfish

very neat
Dupe Photo

More of shell beach
Dupe Photo
More tiny shells

boats at anchor

looking north...

my lot is only a few hundred feet from the northern end of the beach

lovely flowers

Boats at Cape Santa Maria

DBoats at Cape Santa Maria

Cape Santa Maria Beach

it was impossibly blue and white

this must be the most beautiful beach in the world


There was NOBODY here!

if this was Magens Bay you'd be tripping over people

and this beach is far lovelier and cleaner

storm moving in

rain on the water

A new friend Bobby at ALfred's Place

Pool table, bar and ice cream parlor


land crab

they came out after the rain

and they were absolutely everywhere

View from Ocean Villa for sale
Dupe Photo
Ocean Villa living room

and bedroom

view across road from lot 19 at Stella maris

lot 19

view from lot

another view from lot-when someone else builds the view would be gone.

it was beautiful but I didn't think it was worth 98K

view of the coast from the road

view from road

another cool plant
there was a path to this beach from the road

pool at new complex being built at the resort

more crabs

road to lot 19

pool at the resort, crabs on bottom

East coast beach at Stella Maris

pretty but too rough and rocky for swimming

depths plunge just past those rocks


clear water but too rocky

Wouldn't it be nice?

I spent a lot of time here

even if I couldn't swim..

I enjoyed climbing on the rocks

and watching the waves

and taking wayy too many pics

hey, it's digital, why not?

A snail

there were some cool rock formations

neat hermit crab

these guys were everywhere
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